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Mr. HALAL is targeting the market of "imported food and beverage from the U.S. to Japan". Therefore, the brand concept will be reflected in the future regardless of the market environment for kitchen cars. There are various success stories in this market, and they cover all the elements of the Mr. HALAL brand: American fashion, American cuisine, delivery, and takeout. 
Mr. HALAL will enter this successful market from the US to Japan with a new business model called "Mobility Restaurant".

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ここで我々が提案するのが「キッチンカー」を活用した「モビリティレストラン業態」です。モビリティレストランとは「常に「動く」ことによって「最適解」を探していく」新しいレストラン業態です。キッチンカー を使い動くことで、深い金脈を探し続けます。Mr.HALALではそれに加えて、強固なSEO対策を積んだ「デリバリー」を活用・搭載しており、広がる薄い金脈をも1箇所から回収し続けています。これがMr.HALALのデータ技術と持続可能性の秘密です。



In the era known as "before-corona," customer demand was intensive. Demand was "easily understood and concentrated" at the pinpoint level, such as under office buildings, in downtown areas, and in parks. With Corona, however, this has changed drastically to a form of "dispersion. This is not limited to the physical location axis, but also extends to the time axis. In the after-corona period, it became difficult to see the point of demand from customers, and the difficulty of the food and beverage business increased dramatically.
This decentralization has also resulted in a "dilution" of demand. The demand that has been dispersed on the time axis of location has dropped drastically per each point.

We are truly an expedition. In the Before Corona, there were many thick gold mines that were easy to detect, and we had to keep digging efficiently against them. In the after corona, however, the gold veins have become very difficult to find one by one, and even when we do find them, we tend to hit more thin ones.

How do we respond to these changes in the market environment? In order to find a thick vein of gold, you have to keep digging and searching. You have to try everywhere. However, if this is the only way, the recovery of gold will not keep up with the cost of digging, and it will become unsustainable. This is why it is important to efficiently recover thin veins of gold from a single location. By being able to do this, we can continue to seek and find thicker veins of gold.

Also, customer demand can be predicted to some extent by data. All the experience of finding each gold mine is accumulated as data. By analyzing this data, we can increase our accuracy.

What we propose here is a "mobility restaurant business model" that utilizes "kitchen cars". Mobility restaurant is a new type of restaurant business that searches for the "best solution" by constantly "moving". In addition to this, Mr. HALAL utilizes and incorporates "delivery" with robust SEO measures, and continues to collect even the thinnest vein of gold from a single location. This is the secret of Mr. HALAL's data technology and sustainability.

Mr. HALAL will capture the essence of the demand that has been changed by Corona, and use the new business model of mobility restaurants as a weapon to win.

We are looking forward to working with you to explore.


Automated driving is just around the corner. In the future, it will use the data it collects and move automatically based on it. It will reduce labor costs and go for optimized demand efficiently. Such a future is near.




ー  高品質商品
ー  デリバリー×キッチンカー
      - 満遍なく入る注文
      - 商圏の拡大
      - 最適な広告
ー  簡単なオペレーション
      - 仕込みが不要
      - ワンオペレーション
      - 営業時間外労働の少なさ
ー ブランディング
ー 業界最大手の各社様との取引/契約実績
Mr. HALAL Group has the following five strengths, which provide an advantage to the owners.
High quality products
Delivery x Kitchen Car
      - Full range of orders
      - Expansion of business area
      - Optimal advertising
Easy operation
      - No preparation required
      - One operation
      - Less overtime work
Track record of transactions and contracts with the largest companies in the industry

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Special Option Menu

ー テストマーケティング
ー 現場取得代行
ー オープン準備代行
ー 片付けのキッチン利用
- Test Marketing
- On-site Acquisition
- Preparation for opening
- Use of kitchen for clean up
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